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Club Penguin Cheats

Welcome  to the Club penguin Cheats page. Here you can find great cheats and learn ones you dont know.

Cheat 1 Werid Grapics: Log on to Club penguin and click on the button on your keyboard that is next to the backspace key and says = + on it. Then it will change to bad grapics. You can change it back by simply pressing the key again.

Cheat 2 Going faster in Cart surfer: Log on to Club penguin. Switch your color to green and then go to the mine and play Cart surfer. Your penguin should go faster.

Cheat 3 Free braclet: Go to club penguin and go to the book room.(Second floor on Coffee shop.) Open up the Rockhopper stoaway book which is (blue) and go to the last page. There will be a colorful braclet and you should click on it to get in into your storage.

Cheat 4 Dessert pizza: For dessert pizza, Log on to Club penguin and go to the plaza Locatated on your map. Then go into the pizza parlor and go play Pizza parlor. When the game loads, DO NOT press start. Click on the lever below that is red to change the Pizza type. I prefer Dessert Pizza because it gets you more coins.

Cheat 5 making words blur: To make words blur go anywhere in Club penguin and say “I saw a monster eat Rockhopper!” Before you do that though, you have to run around and click the say button while your running.

More Cheats coming soon!



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  1. More coming Soon!

    Comment by fosters1537 — May 30, 2008 @ 1:39 pm

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